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Packing electronics products

Make a checklist to pack all the electronics items. Be familiar with packing computer products and make a backup, in case, something happen during the move. Pack up CD and DVD, lamps, small appliance, DJ equipment, flat screen, stereo, TV stand, entertainment system, and etc. Make sure all the TV screen are carefully wrap. You can use the bubble wrap to make sure it is safe.

Packing kitchens stuffs

Make a checklist to pack all the kitchens items. Remember, to pack your glassware, pots & pans, food, wine glasses, silverware, dishwasher, microwave, coffee cups, tea cups, and etc. Also, limit your food supplies during the move. Make sure all the knifes are carefully wrap and label it.

Packing household materials

Make a checklist to pack all the household items. Don't forget to pack your bathroom supplies, bedding, mattresses, sofa, dining room set, tables, clock, furniture, computer chair, crib, air conditioner, basement stuff, dresser, and etc.

Packing miscellaneous items

Make a checklist to pack all the miscellaneous items. Make sure you remember to get all the books, office desk and supplies, clothing, jewelry, ties, photo frames, mirrors, sculpture & statue, artwork, toys, outdoor play set, bookcase, handyman stuff, attic materials, shoes, music instruments, and etc. Make sure you remember where to put your expensive items such jewelry materials. You can make a label on the box for the materials in it.

Wrapping up and packing away

Make sure you wrap up all the materials correctly. Make a label for the items in the boxes. Also, be careful with fragile and heavy items. Wrap it up correctly with a lot of bubble wrap. It is better to be safe than sorry. Take your time to wrap correctly. Make sure you put heavy items on the bottom, and lighter items on the top. Drive safely and watch out for the stair.